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04 What is the “Japanese cuisine” desired by the foreigner
? Toward the globalization of Japanese cuisine.
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What is your image toward the Japanese cuisine? What is your expectation? Let's design a new cultural experience for the Japanese cuisine!

Name Organization Specialty
Satoko Suzuki Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University Marketing
Hideaki Shirane mct.inc. Experience design
Shiho Ishihara mct.inc. Experience design
Yoichi Sugiki mct.inc. Experience design
Eric Frey mct.inc. Experience design

Today, Japanese cuisine is a boom at a global level. Various Japanese cuisine such as sushi and ramen are popular across the world. However, much of the overseas Japanese restaurants are operated by the non-Japanese firms; the Japanese firms are unfortunately not being able to capture such market opportunities. What are the reasons behind this weak presence of Japanese firms in the overseas Japanese restaurant markets?

Our hypothesis for this question is the lowness of Japanese firms’ capability to meet market needs. In particular, Japanese firms have difficulty in objectively viewing their cultural products. Persisting too much on the authenticity of Japanese cultural products (e.g., sushi police), Japanese firms are “selling” what they want to sell instead of “marketing” what customers want. However, there could be a gap between what Japanese want to sell and what overseas customers want to consume.

In order to accelerate the globalization of Japanese cuisine and for the Japanese firms to capture this new market opportunities, marketers need to assess the attractiveness of Japanese cuisine from the foreigners’ perspective. Using Clue ScanTM, a tool to understand customer experience, this workshop aims to design a new Japanese cuisine cultural experience for the foreigners.

Educational Goals
  • Experience the creation of new business model from the customers' perspective
  • Viewing the familiar world from new perspectives and make the familiar strange
Design Theory and Design Methods
[Design theory]

Service design from customer perspectives

[Design methods]

Clue ScanTM (customer experience tool created by Experience Engineering Inc.)

[1st Day: September 7, 2016]
  • Briefing
  • Clue ScanTM Step 1: Scan
  • Scanning the Kyoto cuisine related services from the foreigners' perspectives
    • What Japanese knows / experiences; however, what foreigners don't know / experience
    • What foreigners know / experience; however, what Japanese doesn't know / experience
    • What both Japanese and foreigners don't know / experience
[2nd Day: September 8, 2016]
  • Clue ScanTM Step2: Analysis
  • Categorize insights
  • Clue ScanTM Step3: Ideation
  • Design a new Japanese cuisine cultural experience for the foreigners.
[3rd Day: September 9, 2016]
  • Prepare for presentation (KRP)
  • Present workshop results (KRP)