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16 SHIKAKE design of inconvenient therefore beneficial
Kyoto tour
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Name Organization Specialty
H. Kawakami Design Unit, Kyoto Univ. Further benefit of a kind of inconvenience
T. Hiraoka Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto Univ. Human-Machine Systems
N. Matsumura Graduate School of Economics, Osaka Univ. Shikakeology
Educational Goals
Defining convenience as saving time and efforts, tourism is essentially for appreciating inconvenience. We want more than traveling on convenient tour buses. A dictionary defines convenience as going as planned. In that way, inconvenient travel need to involve accidents that provide more remembrances than convenient travel. This class aim to design inconvenient therefore beneficial Kyoto tour. But we cannot force tourists inconveniences. We need to introduce some SHIKAKE that does not force but prompt human to certain actions. An example of SHIKAKE is a fake fly marked in a urinal. Males tend to hit it.
Understand a new design principle: benefits of inconvenience.
Understand how SHIKAKE contribute to design.
Design Theory and Design Method
Lectures by experts on benefits of inconvenience and by the advocate of the theory of SHIKAKE.
Group work of Ideation by "Brain Storming Battle."
Day 1: Sept 16
  • Lectures.
  • Lesson of Brain Storming Battle, One hundred view of Kyoto, convenience and inconvenience.
Day 2: Sept 17
  • Brain Storming Battle for ideation of inconvenient therefore beneficial tour.
  • Exchange and refine ideas.
Day 3: Sept 18
  • Preparation for presentation.
  • Presentation