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05 Service Design for Foreign Tourists to Kyoto
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By joining this session, you can learn how to conduct user-centered observation, analysis and ideation for new product & service design.
Name Organization Specialty
Hideki Shirane mct, inc. Experience designer
Shiho Ishihara mct, inc. Experience designer
Yoichi Sugiki mct, inc. Experience designer
Eric Frey mct, inc. Experience designer
Anirudh Devulapalli Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University
Kyoto is a popular destination among foreign tourists to Japan, and yet there are still latent probrems and potential needs which limit the depth of their experience available to them.
In our workshop, we will combine field observations and intercept interviews of foreign tourists to identify such problems, needs and insights.
We will then develop business ideas to help them have a lovely and memorable time in Kyoto.

  • Fieldwork in sightseeing spots, temples, ryoutei, ryokan
  • Analysis using 101 Design Methods
  • Co-creation session / Ideation
Educational Goals
To understand the inovation process using 101 Design Methods.
This is a innovation guide created by Vijay Kumar from IIT-Institute of Design in Chicago, developed from more than 30 years of knowledge and professional experience.
The guide consists of 101 methods arranged along 7 modes of research and product development. (Sensing Opportunities / Field Observations / Framing Hypotheses / Concept Development / Prototyping / Field Validation / Products & Service Offering)
Design Theory and Design Method
[Design theory]
  • Design research
[Design method]
  • 101 Design Methods by Vijay Kumar
  • POEMS. Observation focusing on 5 elements: People, Objects, Environments, Messages, Services
  • Compelling Experiences Framework by Doblin
  • Co-creation
Day 1: Sept 16
  • Session for the detailed design of fieldwork
  • Fieldwork (except for KRP)
  • (POEMS)
  • Session for Analysis
  • Reviewing insights around the challenges facing foreign tourists
Day 2: Sept 17
  • Fieldwork (except for KRP)
  • (POEMS)
  • Session for Analysis
  • What are the challenges and insights regarding foreign tourists?
  • Ideation
  • How might we be able to offer foreign tourists an improved experience?
Day 3: Sept 18
  • Presentation set-up
  • Presentation