Theme Descriptions

17 Love and Death as Cultural Challenge
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Love and Death are the most deep human energies: let's design about them! Without fear!

Name Organization Specialty
Alessandro Biamonti Politecnico di Milano DESIGN

The proposed theme concerns communication between human beings, which is a large cultural theme.
Into this framework, we take into consideration the two most important anthropological topics: love and death.
About love, it is what you declare to the one you fall in love.
Regarding death, it is the cause that triggers the celebration of a person, in his memory.
All cultures have had to deal with these two major topics, and have developed their own methods of implementation, interpretation, language.

The workshop aims to choose a theme and think about a project to communicate it to a person with a different culture. Declaring love or celebrating the lack of a human being without implications with his/her culture (as well as our one).

The design uotput can be of different nature: an object, an image, video, a digital interaction ....
So, two great anthropological themes to design:
1) your best declaration of love
2) the most important celebration of someone's memory

Without cultural references with the interlocutor: only by referring to deep anthropological contemporary issues.

Educational Goals

The workshoo has the educational objective of exploring the anthropological dimension of the project.
Facing an ever more flexible and potentially invasive technology, anthropological dynamics emerge indeed as the main tools for a highly evolved project.

Design Theory and Design Methods
[Design theory]
  • Design as anthropological issue (lecture and debate)
[Design methods]
  • Intercultural esploration
  • brainstorming
[1st Day: September 7, 2016]
  • Lecture to launch the topic
Afternoon(1): Lunch ~ Coffee Break
  • Teamwork by group
Afternoon(2):Coffee Break ~ Afternoon
  • First ideas review
[2nd Day: September 8, 2016]
  • Wotking time
Afternoon(1): Lunch ~ Coffee Break
  • Public mid term presentation
Afternoon(2):Coffee Break ~ Afternoon
  • Last review
[3rd Day: September 9, 2016]
  • Presentation preparations (KRP)
  • Presentations (KRP)