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Design Visions

“Sustainability and scientific workflows: eternal components, changing interfaces, varying compositions, evolving knowledge”

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Tiziana Margaria (The University of Limerick)

Date: July 27, 2018 (Friday) 17:00-18:00
Place: 211, Seminar room, Research Bldg No 10, Kyoto University (No.60 on the map)

Abstract: We describe how scientific application domains are characterised by the long-term availability of the basic computational components, and how software systems for managing the actual scientific workflows must deal with changing service interfaces and varying service compositions. In this light, we explain how rigorous technical and semantic abstraction, which is key to dealing with huge and heterogeneous application domains in an “extreme model driven design” framework like the eXtreme Model Driven Design (XMDD), supports the management of workflow evolution. We illustrate the different aspects by means of examples and experiences from the application of the framework in different scientific application domains.

Contact: sato.akihiro.5m[at]kyoto-u.ac.jp(Please change [at] to @.)
    Aki-Hiro Sato (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Informatics)

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